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Archival schema

This is an incomplete draft version of the original document in Finnish.

I Old documents from the manor (1729-1958)

I:1 Older documents from the official residence of colonel (until 1795)
A Unnumbered documents
B Numbered documents
I:2 Documents from the Aminoff period (1795-1943)
A Numbered documents
B Accounts
C Agriculture
D Forestry
E Inspections of buildings
F Tenancy agreements
a Tenancy agreements
b Economic arrival and leaving inspections of cottages
G Agreements
H Contracts
I Demarcation
J Trial documents
K Manorial document
L Letter drafts
M Others
I:3 Documents from the Work Efficiency Institute (Työtehoseura) period (1943-1946)
I:4 Documents from Hovi reform school for boys (Hovin poikakoti) period (1946-1958)
I:5 Old maps (1693/1748-1953)
A Area maps (1693/1748-1919)
B Cultivation maps (1888-1953)
C Underdrain maps (1953)


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